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Our team has over two decades of experience building websites and custom business software, we know what it takes to do it right. We deliver on time, on spec, and on budget. We keep up on the latest web standards and trends, so we always have the best tools for the job.

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Usability is key to everything we do. All too often maintenance is an afterthought in website development. We always craft our solutions with maintenance in mind. They are easy to understand and maintain with no technical knowledge required.

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Our Work

InfinityQS - Website Design

Website Design

InfinityQS wanted a brand refresh to elevate its look and feel to match its status as a Quality Intelligence market leader. The redesigned website would need to act as a gateway to progressive sales and marketing efforts, and would need to seamlessly integrate content management, marketing automation, and site personalization systems.

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Demand Generation Nurturing

A new branding message asked InfinityQS customers to "Re-Imagine Quality" through a major shift in perspective, as a means to create a global business transformation. The company needed a nurture campaign to lend a visually compelling, benefits-focused lens to the InfinityQS message.

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InfinityQS - Video Development

Video Development

InfinityQS needed a highly visual, engaging way to communicate the value and benefits of its software and of its recommendation to customers to "Re-Imagine Quality", per its new brand message. Refactored suggested the creation of a video series to help users understand how the company could help them use their quality data to bring about a business transformation.

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Digital Marketing

InfinityQS needed a campaign to introduce its refreshed brand to the business-to-business (B2B) market. The goal was to elevate a conversation about the value of quality data among quality professionals, and to illustrate how a new perspective about that data can deliver unexpected value for manufacturing organizations.

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InfinityQS - Collateral


To emphasize the value and benefits to customers inherent in InfinityQS's new "Re-Imagine Quality" brand message, the company needed illustrations, icons, product marks, and infographics that could help users understand the potential of using their quality data to bring about business transformation.

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Content Marketing

As InfinityQS prepared to launch a redesigned website and new branding that encouraged customers to "Re-Imagine Quality", it needed new content to educate current and potential customers about the business benefits of making such a paradigm shift.

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InfinityQS - Pay-Per-Click Program

Pay-Per-Click Program

After a year of minimal digital advertising as InfinityQS prepared for the release of a new product platform, the company was ready to renew its pay-per-click (PPC) program.

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Our Tools


As a Kentico Gold Partner and Certified Developer we have the the knowledge and experience to make Kentico can do just about anything. Learn more about Kentico.


Sometimes Kentico can be overkill for smaller websites. We get that and, with our years of experience building and maintaining sites in WordPress, we know what it takes to make it shine.


ASP.NET is our preferred framework for software development. Its feature-rich framework and innovative technologies allow us to build more features faster than any other framework on the market.


We have built tons of sites in PHP. Whether the work involves WordPress, Drupal, or custom software, we have the experience to create, enhance, and maintain PHP-based sites.

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the de facto standard for responsive grid frameworks. We leverage Bootstrap to ensure everything is pixel-perfect across all screen sizes and devices.


We know jQuery like the back of our hand. Whether creating plugins, animations, or DOM manipulations, we know the right solution to use.

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is the perfect platform for high-visual-impact mobile apps that need to run on multiple devices.


Xamarin is our go-to tool for building data-driven apps. With native interfaces and cross-device support, it is the perfect platform for sales enablement tools.

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